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To simplify structural identification.

To serve the international structural geologists community as an interactive archive.

To provide relevant information on individual structures.

To serve as an online reference collection for studies done at the Geological Institute, ETH Zurich.

For published images, please, use the original reference as indicated in the database field "Published". For unpublished images please contact the copyright owner. If you publish images based on DIoGeneS, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge our effort, by citing DIoGeneS.



The copyright of the DIoGeneS webpage is held by the publisher. Further distribution, use or storage is prohibited. The image copyright belongs to the image owner and photographer. Please, do not reproduce any image or related information without written permission of the copyright owner.

How to Contribute

Send your digital images and the completed submission form to the editor. If you cannot provide digital images, please contact the editor.

For sketches, please have all information (like orientation and scale) drawn on the sketch. 






This is the news page of Diogene

November 2009: Improved Database design and integrated Google Earth Views

April 2007: DIoGeneS was presented at EGU General Assembly 2007, Vienna Click here for the poster

May 2006: Improved Map links and Google Earth Overlays

January 2005: New layout and functions for DIoGeneS

October 2004: Link of the months by Open University

August 2002: Launch of service

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